General regulations in Russian here / Общие положения на русском языке здесь.


Rambler Group provides advertising services subject to the following requirements, but reserves the right to express in the placement of any advertising material without giving a reason.


  1. Promotional materials should not contradict the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including the Federal Law on Advertising.
  2. In promotional materials is not allowed to use:
    • nude images that have a frank erotic nature, as well as the use of frank, frightening or aesthetically unacceptable images (including defiantly dressed people, diseases, injuries, catastrophes, etc.);
    • calls for violence and cruelty, incitement of ethnic hatred, use of slang, abusive and offensive language
    • appeals to “you” to the user (except for cases when it is justified by a creative, for example, in advertising of children's goods);
    • contrasting color combinations, massive and bright graphic elements;
    • contrasting color combinations, massive and bright graphic elements;
    • long and fast frame change, frequent animation, distracting users from the site content;
    • low-quality images with poor resolution, distortions, artifacts, fuzzy graphics and pixels;
    • images or logos of third parties, as well as links to sites that are not related to the advertised product, service;
    • imitations of elements of the interface sites Rambler Group.
  3. The advertising message should be made only in Russian. The use of other languages in the advertising message is possible with the use of geographical targeting to the respective regions (USA, Israel, Ukraine, etc.).
  4. The advertising message must correspond to the content of the page to which the link from the advertising material leads.
  5. Promotional materials of all formats must be accompanied by an exact link to the resource sent separately. The file itself should not contain a direct link to the resource. All links, auditing codes and pixels should work using the https protocol.
  6. The background of advertising material should be made in the form of a rectangular graphic object that fills the entire working field (unless otherwise provided by the requirements for a specific format). It is not allowed to use a transparent background, using an external frame with rounded corners. If the banner background is light/white/transparent, a single pixel frame in a contrasting colour is needed to separate it from the site content.
  7. For Rich media and non-standard placements it is necessary to coordinate creatives with the site before placement.
  8. Allowed no more than five creatives (advertising materials) for an advertising campaign.
  9. Placement can be guaranteed only if advertising materials are provided to Rambler Group employees who fully comply with the requirements, at least five working days prior to the placement.
  10. All advertising materials must meet both the general requirements and the requirements for a specific advertising format.



The use of third-party inventory audit systems and web analytics is allowed with the aim of obtaining alternative statistics by setting pixel auditing in the call code of the Rambler Group advertising system.

Only use the following systems for inventory audit::

  • Impressions: Adriver (including for audit Adblock placement), Yandex Awaps, Yandex Adfox, MediaScope, MOAT, Weborama.
  • Percent complete (for video ads):  Adriver, Yandex Adfox, MediaScope, Weborama.
  • Сlicks: Adriver (including for audit Adblock placement), Yandex Awaps, Yandex Adfox, Weborama.
  • Viewability (display advertising): MOAT, Weborama (desktop), Adriver.
  • Invalid traffic (display advertising): MOAT, Adloox, Adriver (GIVT).

The use of other systems is allowed only after passing the mandatory testing and the necessary integration with advertising systems Rambler Group.

Codes and pixels for measuring Viewability are accepted only in the following formats:

  • Desktop Web: Billboard, 300х600 (HTML-format), 240х400 (HTML-format), 300x300 (HTML-format), AdCenter, Superfooter, Fullscreen, Megaboard, Sticky Line 100%x100, Sticky Line 100%х60, Native, TGB 240x400, Content Recomendation, Reach Video, VideoBoard, Double Effect, Carousel, In-Stream Video, Sticky Billboard 100%x100.
  • Mobile Web: 100%х250, 100%х400, 300х250 (HTML-format), 100%x100, Fullscreen, Sticky Line 100%х100, Interscroller, Native, TGB 300x250, Carousel, Reach Video, VideoBoard, Content Recomendation, Branding Mobile, In-Stream Video.

Codes, click-urls, pixels and campaing parameters for auditing should be provided in separate text files (plain text) with the obligatory indication of the metrics and placements to which they relate. It is forbidden to embed ("wrap") the code or pixel of one audit system into the code or pixel of another system.

All links, auditing codes and pixels must work using the https protocol. Manual change of codes obtained in the above systems is not allowed. In the case of a manual change of the protocol, there is no compensation for discrepancies.

Pixels are not allowed to be placed on which any restrictions are imposed on the side of the statistics accounting system, including restrictions on the anti-spin system (for example, the “audit” pixel of the Adriver system).

In case of non-compliance with technical requirements, discrepancies in statistics will not be compensated.

It is prohibited to distribute information obtained during the audit to third parties, except for the advertiser for whom the placement was made, and the agencies that conducted the placement.

The use of third-party advertising system codes is allowed under a separate agreement. In this case, the Rambler Group advertising system is set as a pixel audit. At the same time, the subsequent rating and evaluation of the statistics of impressions is carried out on the basis of the obtained readings of the pixel-audit of the Rambler Group advertising system.

Rambler Group has the right to suspend advertising without providing compensation if in the course of an advertising campaign any access code to a third-party advertising system or web analytics prevents the correct display of the pages of the resource hosting the advertisement.

Also, the reason for the suspension of advertising is the response time of these systems for more than 100 milliseconds.


Pixel audit is a 1 × 1 pixel invisible counter designed to audit the display of advertising creativity.

Advertising system is an advertising management system capable of displaying various types of advertising materials on the Internet and collecting statistics on conducted advertising campaigns.

Playground is a website displaying advertising creativity.



Consideration of discrepancies in the readings of the pixel-audit of the third-party system and the Rambler Group advertising system is possible only under the following conditions:

  1. Third-party audit system, web analytics in the list of allowed systems (it was tested and the necessary integration).
  2. Not more than one month has passed since the end of the placement; no more than three months should pass from the moment of the end of the earliest of the placements in question.

The calculation procedure or recalculation can initiate both the customer and Rambler Group.


Consideration of claims for discrepancies between the readings of the auditing counter and the Rambler Group advertising system is carried out in the following order:

  • On the day the campaign starts with a pixel audit, the initiator of the placement of advertising materials (the customer or the agency) must independently verify and confirm the correctness of the pixel audit. Otherwise, there will be no compensation for discrepancies.
  • As an argument for discrepancies, the initiator of the pixel audit should provide access to the advertising campaigns control system and send a screenshot that clearly demonstrates the discrepancies.
  • If discrepancies of less than 15% of the ordered volume are identified, the site is entitled to provide compensation to the customer free of charge in the amount of discrepancies. Compensation is carried out on equivalent inventory units, but the priority of commercial impressions will be higher than compensation ones.
  • If there are discrepancies in excess of 15%, and if there are relevant data on incorrect implementation, the initiator of the statement will have the right to request a compensation pixel in excess of 15%.
  • In this case, if the customer wishes, an investigation is initiated, the results of which should be the reasons for such discrepancies.
  • In the case of direct or indirect fault of the site, compensation is provided for the size of such discrepancies. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the initiator of the investigation.
  • In the event that the site accepts the arguments of the initiator of the production, the site must provide the materials necessary for the investigation, for example, the journaling files of the advertising system or advanced statistics.

Payment for a specific order is provided once. Consent of the customer to a certain amount of compensation means the absence of any claims for compensable accommodation in the future.

Discrepancies between the readings of the Rambler Group advertising system and the pixel-audit of the customer in the implementation of compensatory orders are not considered and are not compensated.

The implementation of compensation shows should not overlap in terms of unscrewing with the commercial campaign shows with the same pixel audit as compensation. In the event of a similar situation, claims for discrepancies between the indications of the banner system “Rambler” and the pixel-audit of the customer in the implementation of commercial orders are not considered and are not compensated.


The customer has the right to demand compensation in the amount of incorrectly sold impressions in the following cases:

  • If, according to data from the Rambler Group banner system, discrepancies between the order and the actual parameters of the order implementation are visible:
  • number of impressions;
  • geo-targeting settings;
  • social demographic targeting settings;
  • frequency distribution of impressions;
  • time targeting.
  • If there are technical failures at the site that affect the volume and / or timing of the order;
  • In the case of proven guilt of one of the sellers.

If the reason for the error in placing an order was late delivery of materials by the customer, the provision of incorrect materials or pixels, as well as other errors or delays on the part of the customer, compensation is not provided.