Provisions for working with inventory audit systems in Russian here / Положения о работе с системами аудита инвентаря на русском языке здесь.

  1. Rambler Group’s limited list of inventory audit systems. Only successfully tested systems are allowed to the process of audit. The list of approved systems, measured metrics and ad formats is published on the "General Provisions on Placement of Advertising Material" page (https://reklama.rambler-co.ru/page/general_regulations).
  2. Submission of material for audit according to the requirements of Rambler Group. The requirements are published on the "General Provisions on Placement of Advertising Material" page (https://reklama.rambler-co.ru/page/general_regulations).
  3. Orientation to the standards of MRC/IAB. The standards are described in the section "Standards of MRC/IAB". If under certain conditions, in some OS, browsers or platforms there are exceptions from the standards, it is necessary to provide the description of these exceptions.
  4. Use of the developed Rambler Group infrastructure means audit procedure on the developed ad infrastructure, the set of formats and the websites used by Rambler Group for servicing most ad campaigns.
  5. Absence of influence on work of creatives and websites. Material for inventory audit (pixels, codes) should not influence the speed of loading of creatives and websites, efficiency indicators (CTR, IVT, viewability).
  6. Completeness of the provided data means exchanging of the detailed logs between Rambler Group and the inventory audit system for comparison of the measured metrics for each of the displays.
  7. Confidentiality of data. Results of audit cannot be published or transferred to the third parties without permission of Rambler Group and the inventory audit system.
  8. Target use of material for audit. Use of material for audit is allowed only in order to obtain alternative statistics on the metrics described in the section "Metrics and discrepancy tolerances".The inventory audit systems are not allowed:
    • to use Rambler Group audience data in the products.
    • to combine functions of creative display and inventory audit, to use third-party ad-serving. All the materials necessary for display of a creative have to be placed in Rambler Group infrastructure.
  9. Timely informing. It is necessary to report about the problems and changes influencing Rambler Group inventory audit "as soon as possible".
  10.  Possibility of the termination of admission to Rambler Group inventory audit. In case of violation of provisions of this document by the system of inventory audit, Rambler Group has the right to suspend the admission of a system to inventory audit and to inform all the interested persons.
  11. Existence of resources for testing and support. Work on searching and eliminating of causes of divergences from Rambler Group and the inventory audit system is implied if divergences exceed the allowable limits given in the table "Metrics and discrepancy tolerances".



The boundaries of permissible differences*,

in relative terms, %

Served Ad Impressions 5%
Clicks 10%
Viewable Ad Impressions 10%
IVT 20%