Requirements in Russian here / Требования на русском языке здесь.

General description of the format

A text/graphic format that appears in second screens on mobile sites.

Consists of a picture, title, short description, cost (optional), phone number (optional) and button.

Screencast video with an example of placement is here.

Requirements for advertising materials

It is necessary to provide the following materials:

  1. Picture in JPG or PNG format, size 220×220, and weight up to 50kb. It is not recommended to use texts, numbers, prices, small elements on pictures.
  2. Header (62 to 73 characters);
  3. Description (128 to 153 characters);
  4. Price (optional, up to 8 characters);
  5. Phone number (optional);
  6. Text of the 'Call'/'Learn More'/or other text up to 10 characters (one of).

  • These requirements are supplement the General requirements to ad placements.
  • The placement can only be guaranteed if the ad materials, that fully meet the requirements, was submitted at least in five working days before the start of the ad campaign.