Требования на английском языке здесь / Requirements in English here.
1. General description of the format
2. Requirements for promotional materials

1. General description of the format

The format is shown inside the recommendations, editorial blocks of the site.

In terms of style and structure repeats the appearance of the site blocks surrounding the creative.

Usually consists of a title, description, picture and 'Advertising' inscription.

2. Requirements for promotional materials

Should be provided:

  • images - three versions with different aspect ratio:

1х1 - 480x480
3х2 - 480x320
2х1 - 480x240

  • header texts - three different lengths:

20-30 chars
31-60 chars
61-100 chars

  • description texts - four variants of different lengths:

25-40 chars
41-60 chars
61-100 chars
101-150 chars

  • clickable links

Image requirements:

Images should not be abstract, animated, of poor quality, contain compression artifacts.

Only texts necessary to comply with the requirements of the law 'On Advertising' may be placed in the images. These texts should not occupy more than 30% of the image area.

The Images shall not contain a frame and shall not blend in color with the surrounding elements of the site.

Weight of each image is up to 50KB; permissible image formats are jpeg, png.

It is necessary to take into account the possible overlap of the image in its corners (the marking 'Advertising' and information about the advertiser), and the main information about the advertised product should be placed in the center of the creative.
The label 'Advertising' and information about the advertiser are usually placed in the corners of the creative, on top of the image.

The caption 'Advertisement' is usually placed in one corner of the creative, on top of the image.

Requirements to texts:

Texts should be written in lowercase letters (except for cases when it is stipulated by the Russian language rules).

Repetition of punctuation marks ('?', '!', etc.), use of abstract slogans and exaggerations are not allowed in the text.

The title must not end with a dot.

Requirements for clickable links:

Click-URL should lead strictly to the web resource page of the Customer (advertiser) with the corresponding content.

  • These requirements are supplement the General requirements to ad placements.
  • The placement can only be guaranteed if the ad materials, that fully meet the requirements, was submitted at least in five working days before the start of the ad campaign.